War Shots: 2003 IR/CWCC National Competition (NATS)

Derfflinger vs QE
Bob Pottle's HMS Warspite on the ropes

Bob Pottle from the North Atlantic Battle Squadron came down from Canada to be part of the the 2003 NATS held July 13-18. It was my second year as Grosse Admiral of the Axis High Command and I was determined not to make the mistakes I made the previous year. Turns out I had little to worry about as the greater reliability of the Axis ships, especially their pumps and pump controllers (usually manual switches), proved to be the deciding factor. And it didn't hurt that we had 13 ships to their 7 though the total number of units was more even.


I had some time that year so I wrote articles, with a decidedly Axis slant, for each day of the event and I've linked them below. The last article lists out who won what awards as well.

Don Fisher, Bill Garthaffner, Nate Graham, Matt Moury and Dan Sumpter all took photos and sent them to me to post. The initials in the file names will tell you who took which photo.

War Shots
Battle Photos Pg 1
Battle Photos Pg 2
Convoy Photos
Banquet Photos

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