War Shots: 2003 IR/CWCC Fall Maul at Pawling, NY

August 23-24, 2003, Carl Camurati hosted a pick-up battle at a site in Pawling, NY operated by his Boy Scout Troop to try it out for use in santioned competitions. The large meeting room and medium size lake worked out well and some viscious battling took place.

Here is the Axis Press News Report I filed after the battle.

John Boyer, Matt Moury and Barry Tighe took photos and sent them to me to post.

Photos from Matt Moury

200308PawlingMM_01.jpg 200308PawlingMM_02.jpg 200308PawlingMM_03.jpg 200308PawlingMM_04.jpg 200308PawlingMM_05.jpg
200308PawlingMM_06.jpg 200308PawlingMM_07.jpg 200308PawlingMM_08.jpg 200308PawlingMM_09.jpg 200308PawlingMM_10.jpg
200308PawlingMM_11.jpg 200308PawlingMM_12.jpg 200308PawlingMM_13.jpg 200308PawlingMM_14.jpg 200308PawlingMM_15.jpg
200308PawlingMM_16.jpg 200308PawlingMM_17.jpg

Photos from John Boyer of his USS New Jersey

200308PawlingJB_01_StbdBow.jpg 200308PawlingJB_02_StbdBow.jpg 200308PawlingJB_03_Stbd.jpg 200308PawlingJB_04_Stbd.jpg 200308PawlingJB_05_Stbd.jpg
200308PawlingJB_06_StbdQtr.jpg 200308PawlingJB_07_PtQtr.jpg 200308PawlingJB_08_Pt.jpg 200308PawlingJB_09_PtBow.jpg 200308PawlingJB_10_PtBow.jpg

Photos from Barry Tighe. What is everyones facination with the damage the Hindenburg took???

200308PawlingBT_Hind-bow-batdam-1.jpg 200308PawlingBT_Hind-bow-batdam-2.jpg 200308PawlingBT_Hind-bow-batdam-3.jpg 200308PawlingBT_Hind-midshp-batdam-1.jpg
200308PawlingBT_Hind-midshp-batdam-3.jpg 200308PawlingBT_JohnBs-NJ_CarlCs-Musashi.jpg

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