War Shots: 2005 IR/CWCC National Competition

After our successful test of the Camp Conron pond in 2003 it was decided to hold the 2005 NATS here. But life, the universe and the Mrs. kept me from coming, so like everyone else who couldn't make it I had to rely on the photos and reports sent by others.

These photos were posted on the IR/CWCC Yahoo web site by Ken Kelly and Rob Helgeson.

Photos from Ken Kelly

NATS2005KK_Allies_Attack_Hospital_Ship.jpg NATS2005KK_Axis_Fleet.jpg NATS2005KK_Back_at_Home_Port.jpg NATS2005KK_Baden_and_Des_Moines.jpg NATS2005KK_Bismarck_and_Lutzow.jpg NATS2005KK_Derff_and_Moltke.jpg
NATS2005KK_Derff_and_Moltke2.jpg NATS2005KK_Derff_Closeup.jpg NATS2005KK_Don_and_Plato.jpg NATS2005KK_Fratricide.jpg NATS2005KK_Happy_Campers.jpg NATS2005KK_Penn_and_CO-XO.jpg
NATS2005KK_Plumer_Clan.jpg NATS2005KK_Rob_and_Camera.jpg NATS2005KK_Small_Tent.jpg NATS2005KK_The_Big_Tent.jpg NATS2005KK_The_Gang.jpg NATS2005KK_Trying_to_Avoid_Triple_Sterns.jpg
NATS2005KK_UI_Hospital_Ship.jpg NATS2005KK_WW1_German_Fleet.jpg

Photos from Bob Helgeson

NATS2005RH_Base_Action.jpg NATS2005RH_Best_Convoy.jpg NATS2005RH_Best_Scale.jpg NATS2005RH_Chasing.jpg NATS2005RH_Circle_Up.jpg NATS2005RH_Concentration.jpg
NATS2005RH_Convoy_Enroute.jpg NATS2005RH_Convoy_Sinking.jpg NATS2005RH_Convoy_Sunk.jpg NATS2005RH_Cruising.jpg NATS2005RH_Docs_Barham.jpg NATS2005RH_Dons_Lion.jpg
NATS2005RH_Enemy_Shore.jpg NATS2005RH_Fire_Sidemounts.jpg NATS2005RH_Heavy_Metal.jpg NATS2005RH_Leaving.jpg NATS2005RH_Lion.jpg NATS2005RH_Moss_Alert.jpg
NATS2005RH_Musashi_After_Sink.jpg NATS2005RH_OK_Push.jpg NATS2005RH_Robs_Bismarck.jpg NATS2005RH_Teamwork.jpg NATS2005RH_The_Playground.jpg NATS2005RH_Axis_Pumping.jpg

More photos from Bob Helgeson from the Awards Banquet.

NATS2005RH_Award01.jpg NATS2005RH_Award02.jpg NATS2005RH_Award03.jpg NATS2005RH_Award04.jpg NATS2005RH_Award05.jpg NATS2005RH_Award06.jpg
NATS2005RH_Award07.jpg NATS2005RH_Award08.jpg NATS2005RH_Award09.jpg NATS2005RH_Award10.jpg NATS2005RH_Award11.jpg NATS2005RH_Award12.jpg
NATS2005RH_Award13.jpg NATS2005RH_Award14.jpg NATS2005RH_Award15.jpg NATS2005RH_Award16.jpg NATS2005RH_Award17.jpg

Club President (Don Fisher) in ceremonial attire giving awards;
1. Best in Class 3, Kieran Kelly - Scharnhorst
2. Best in Class 4, Andy Rucker - Goeben
3. Best in Class 5, Matt Moury - Baden
(no photo) Best in Class 6, Rob Stalnaker - Tirpitz
4. Best in Class 7, Plato A. - Iowa
5. Best in Scale Convoy, Don Fisher - Hornet
6. Best in Scale Combat, Jim Beam - Pennsylvania (with sound)
7. Individual combat, Plato Avramides - Iowa
8. Rookie of the year, Andy Rucker
9. Most feared Allied, Paul "Doc" Broring( with three votes)
10.Most feared Axis, Matt Moury
11.Carl Camurati explaining the Brian Spychalski Award
12.Brian Spychalski Award - Andy Rucker
13.Von Fluegel Award
14.Carl Camurati giving Von Fluegel to Plato Avramides
15.Most damage without sinking award (aka the Alien Award) to Carl Camurati
16.Axis High Command Spirit Award - Rob Arena
17.Axis Admiral (Matt Moury) giving Victory Sword to the VICTORIOUS Allied Admiral ( Mike Deskin)

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