War Shots: 2007 IR/CWCC Nationals - Battle Photos

Monday started out wet so we only held one battle that afternoon. Captains braved the remaining drizzle in rain gear and covered their transmitters with anything they could find. Unusually for the Axis, Monday was a good battling day, with 3 Allied battlewagons sunk in the first sortie alone, two within seconds of each other. But there were Axis casualties as well. . .

Gone Fishin'

If you're looking at the photos and wondering about the ship with no superstucture except for a pair of paper towel rolls, the answer is "We all make rookie mistakes." And this one cost me something personal.

If you've been following these pages you'll have noticed that I've put a bit of work into Hindenburg's superstructure, seen here in 2006. While chasing one of the Allied boats during the second sortie Hindenburg didn't seem too badly damaged so I wasn't paying her much attention and in fact let her get pretty far away. Suddenly the Allies started cheering and as I glanced over all I saw was Hindenburg's bow rising up (she always sinks pretty) and then heading for Davy Jone's Locker. You guessed it, I forgot to turn on the pump.

I rushed to the scene and went in to recover the ship to find she had gone down in over 7 feet of water which made the recovery tough. I found her and brought her to the surface to find that the superstructure had floated off and sunk! So I ended up spending quite a bit of time in the water over the week looking for it without success. So here are two photos, one the last photo of the Hindenburg taken with her superstructure (she got rammed 30 seconds into the 1st sortie) and me "fishing" for the superstucture later in the week. And of course there are more photos below them you may find interesting as well.
Last photo of Hindenburg's superstructureGone Fishing

Jim Beahm (JB), Lee Donahue (LD) and Don Fisher (DF) took photos and sent them to me to post. The initials in the file names (I took the photos without initials) will tell you who took which photo.

NATS2007_024.jpg NATS2007_031.jpg NATS2007_033.jpg NATS2007_041.jpg NATS2007_046.jpg NATS2007_069.jpg
NATS2007_074.jpg NATS2007_075.jpg NATS2007_077.jpg NATS2007_079.jpg NATS2007_080.jpg NATS2007_082.jpg
NATS2007_084.jpg NATS2007_085.jpg NATS2007_087.jpg NATS2007_096.jpg NATS2007_097.jpg NATS2007_101.jpg
NATS2007_103.jpg NATS2007_110.jpg NATS2007_111.jpg NATS2007_112.jpg NATS2007_114.jpg NATS2007_116.jpg
NATS2007_118.jpg NATS2007_120.jpg NATS2007_131.jpg NATS2007_139.jpg NATS2007_143.jpg NATS2007_147.jpg
NATS2007_148.jpg NATS2007_150.jpg NATS2007_152.jpg NATS2007_156.jpg NATS2007_157.jpg NATS2007_159.jpg
NATS2007_160.jpg NATS2007_162.jpg NATS2007_163.jpg NATS2007DF_DSC_3661.jpg NATS2007JB_012s.jpg NATS2007JB_016s.jpg

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