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05/01/2010 - Fixed links on various web pages on RC Combat website.

10/10/2008 - Fixed links to IRCWCC.org web pages.

06/07/2008 - Fixed links to Ron Thibault's web pages on War Stories and Photos page on RC Combat website.

05/19/2008 - Added 2008 NE Spring Regionals pages to Hindenburg website.

04/27/2008 - Added 2007 Nationals pages to Hindenburg website.

04/13/2008 - Completed moving all the pages to my own url at www.sms-navy.com and added Links to other websites.

07/06/2001 - Added dreadnought SMS Bayern page.

07/06/2001 - Added dreadnought SMS K´┐Żnig page.

06/28/2001 - Updated dreadnought SMS Helgoland page and added SMS Kaiser page.

06/15/2001 - Updated Imperial German Navy homepage with Models of WWI German Warships and dreadnought SMS Helgoland pages.

06/01/2001 - Added Dreadnoughts and the first edition of the SMS Nassau-class page.

06/23/2000 - Updated SMS Mackensen page.

05/15/2000 - Updated homepage and added the first article to the Paint Scheme page.

03/29/2000 - Updated homepage and added a Glossary of terms.

03/24/2000 - Added Battlecruisers page to the site.

01/27/2000 - Moved the Imperial German Navy pages to their own Tripod website.

11/05/99 - Uploaded new, improved Imperial German Navy in World War I page.

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