War Shots: 2007 IR/CWCC Nationals - Battle Photos - Page 2

More photos from Jim Beahm (JB), Lee Donahue (LD) and Don Fisher (DF). The initials in the file names will tell you who took which photo. And at the bottom is video I took of the "Ring of Death" battle held on Friday and put to music by Matt Andrews.

The "Ring of Death" is a last man standing event we do at the end of Nationals. Few rules - "rip" guns and ramming are allowed as well as reloading between sorties but you can't change batteries. The video was taken near the end of the first sortie - everyone has fired all their ammo and the battle devolved into a ram fest that Ken Kelly running the SMS Scharnhorst used to great effect on Matt's SMS Von der Tann.

NATS2007JB_023s.jpg NATS2007JB_024s.jpg NATS2007JB_027s.jpg NATS2007JB_028s.jpg NATS2007JB_031s.jpg NATS2007JB_038s.jpg
NATS2007JB_044s.jpg NATS2007JB_057s.jpg NATS2007JB_059s.jpg NATS2007JB_062s.jpg NATS2007JB_079s.jpg NATS2007JB_085s.jpg
NATS2007JB_086s.jpg NATS2007JB_113s.jpg NATS2007JB_125s.jpg NATS2007JB_155s.jpg NATS2007JB_164s.jpg NATS2007JB_167s.jpg
NATS2007JB_173s.jpg NATS2007JB_177s.jpg NATS2007JB_180s.jpg NATS2007JB_182s.jpg NATS2007JB_191s.jpg NATS2007JB_194s.jpg
NATS2007JB_203s.jpg NATS2007JB_222s.jpg NATS2007JB_227s.jpg NATS2007JB_229s.jpg NATS2007JB_231s.jpg NATS2007LD_101.jpg
NATS2007LD_201.jpg NATS2007LD_202.jpg NATS2007LD_203.jpg NATS2007LD_204.jpg NATS2007LD_205.jpg NATS2007LD_206.jpg
NATS2007LD_207.jpg NATS2007LD_208.jpg NATS2007LD_209.jpg NATS2007LD_501.jpg

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