War Shots: 2007 IR/CWCC Nationals - Convoy Photos

With the rainout of the Monday AM battle the Captains decided to have two fleet battles Tuesday instead of one fleet battle plus Campaign. We held the regular Campaign battle Thursday afternoon which the Axis won handily.

Wednesday the convoy captains decided to have a"Ram Fest" pitting everyone against everyone. This made for some odd photos as the massive convoy ships, the Olympic by Bill Garthafner and Rob Arena's Saratoga, found themselves hounded and/or running over the smaller convoy ships - Aiden Kelly's and Matt Andrews' escort carriers as well as my Oki Maru.

Jim Beahm (JB), Lee Donahue (LD) and Don Fisher (DF) took photos and sent them to me to post. The initials in the file names (I took the photos without initials) will tell you who took which photo.

NATS2007_054.jpg NATS2007_055.jpg NATS2007_056.jpg NATS2007_062.jpg NATS2007_063.jpg NATS2007_064.jpg
NATS2007JB_090s.jpg NATS2007JB_094s.jpg NATS2007JB_095s.jpg NATS2007JB_100s.jpg NATS2007JB_103s.jpg NATS2007JB_107s.jpg
NATS2007JB_109s.jpg NATS2007JB_133s.jpg NATS2007JB_134s.jpg NATS2007JB_135s.jpg NATS2007JB_188s.jpg NATS2007JB_211s.jpg
NATS2007JB_217s.jpg NATS2007JB_218s.jpg NATS2007JB_219s.jpg NATS2007LD_401.jpg NATS2007LD_403.jpg

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